Nicole Nonnemacher earned a degree in nursing from Saint Xavier University (SXU) in 2016. Nonnemacher was a four year, first-team All-American on the Saint Xavier softball team and left the program with the following records: Nonnemacher was the Inaugural Schutt Sports NFCA NAIA National Player of the Year in 2016, while leading the Saint Xavier program with 14 no-hitters, 53 shutouts, and 1392 strikeouts. Nonnemacher also competed in the NAIA World Series Championship in 2012 and 2016.

The Saint Xavier University softball program retired her number and proclaimed her as the most decorated Saint Xavier University female athlete. Nonnemacher continued her softball career in Zurich, Switerland in the summer of 2016 and is currently an assistant coach for Bloomington Junior High School. Nonnemacher has won at every level in which she has pitched and has also batted near the top of the order on every team for whom she has played. Therefore, Nonnemacher is able to pass on all facets of the game.