What does my membership include?
Unlimited Cage Rental (guaranteed 30 min/week)
10% discount of all K’s Academy Programs, Services and Camps
Priority Scheduling over Non Members
$40 discount for paid in full memberships. (12 month memberships only)


Length of Membership Cost/Mo Total Cost
12 Months



6 Months



3 Months




Peak Hours (Nov-April)
Mon- Thurs 2pm-8pm
Friday 2pm-6pm
Sat/Sun 9am-5pm

Off Peak hours (May-Aug)
Mon-Sat 9am-3pm
Sun– Closed

Off Peak hours (Sept-Oct)
Mon-Sat 2pm-8pm
Sun– Closed

FAQs about Membership Usage
Only guaranteed 30min/week, but if open can use for longer.
You can book for the next week at same time slot immediately after usage.
You cannot book more than 1 week out.
You can bring friends in that are members and share cage space for 50% of normal rental fee.
You cannot have more than 4 players in a full cage or 2 in a half cage at one time.
You cannot ‘pool’ weekly time slots to reserve a cage for extended periods of time.
One hour is the max consecutive time in a full cage. For example, 4 friends (all members) want to use a cage is allowed. However, they cannot use each of their 30 min to reserve the cage for 2 hours.
You cannot bring in your own instructor unless they are your team coach or immediate relative.
All instruction must be provided by K’s Academy approved instructors, Josh Kauten or Chris Razo.
All private instructors will be subject to a rental fee regardless of player’s membership status.
All patrons will begin pick up 5 min prior to end time to ensure the next patron begins their session on time.

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