See why K's Academy is the premier training facility in Central Illinois


  • Jackson Bronke
    NCHS '16, Heartland CC /Illinois State
    Working with Josh and the K's team has shaped me into a more athletic and dominant player. I trained at other sports performance academies and none of them reach the level of knowledge that K's has to offer. Josh Kauten's grind to make players better and better people is remarkable. The K's team changed my career for the better. I'll always be in debt to Josh.
  • Alec Trela
    SS, NCHS '16, Memphis University
    Josh and his team’s programs are well designed so that every drill or exercise is performed with intent and awareness of the benefits. Very early on it was evident that he sets you up for substantial improvement.
  • Matt Lynch
    Research Analyst at the Boras Corporation
    Coach Kauten is truly one of the best at his craft, which is evident by the numerous athletes who have reached their personal aspirations with his help. As a former player of his, I can unequivocally say Coach K was a significant reason why I was able to make incredible gains both physically and mentally. This allowed me to achieve my goal of playing Division I baseball. Now, as someone working in professional baseball, I have seen first-hand the best players in the world consistently use the methods Coach K taught me. There is no one better than Coach K in player development, and I would highly recommend him to any serious player who wants to play at the next level.  
  • Brock Stewart
    RHP, LA Dodgers, NCWHS and ISU Alum
    Pitching takes its toll...on the arm and whole body. Josh Kauten of K’s Academy evaluates the biomechanics of my specific throwing motion and puts a program in place to gain strength and stability back that the season can take away.  I can really sense the passion that Josh has when it comes to helping athletes be at their absolute best when it comes to strength, conditioning, and overall health.  K’s Academy holds a wealth of knowledge...it’s just up to the athletes to utilize the resources in order to keep playing as long as we all want to
  • Charlie Cerny
    RHP, UIC Flames and Bloomington HS Class of '15
    K's Academy is one of the best decisions I have made in my baseball career. Their dedication to individual success and health is amazing. K's Academy helped me maintain a healthy arm/body, while helping me gain velo and prepare me for the Division 1 level all at the same time. Being at the Division 1 level, I still use some of the same exercises I learned during K's because they consistently produce results.
  • Dan Lietz
    LHP, 2013 5th Round Draft-Toronto Blue Jays and Heartland CC
    As a pitching coach and a strength coach, Coach K helped me set the groundwork for my professional career between the lines and in the weight room. A regimen I still follow to this day.
  • Sean Shook
    RHP, Normal West Class of '20
    K's Academy has a great group of top notch coaches that have a great knowledge of arm care. When I finished K's in the late winter my arm felt stronger and healthier for the spring/summer season. Because of K's, every year I see improvement in velocity and in my arm, it stays healthier longer and I never feel pain after pitching. It's a great program that will assure your arm will stay healthy the whole season.
  • Billy Mote
    SS, UHigh class of '17, Baylor University
    K’s Academy changed the game for me in regards to arm strength and health. If you’re wanting to take your game to the next level, K’s is the place to go.
  • Austin Galindo
    RHP, UHigh Class of '16
    After participating in the K’s Academy Arm Care program the fall semester of my Senior year, I was able to increase my velo, accuracy and endurance leading to my final Spring of high school baseball. I ultimately earned the starting role in game 1 of the playoffs after having less than 10 IP in my Junior season.  Working with Coach Kauten and his staff, as well as having other current and former professional baseball players in the gym with us, not only led me to my successful season, but helped me fulfill a personal dream of being extended a private workout for a MLB team- the St Louis Cardinals. While I chose to continue my collegiate career playing D1 football, I had several college options, many of my HS and summer teammates who also went to K’s are currently playing in college.  Coach K's programs have proven successful and I highly recommend them.


  • Christian Carter, CSCS, SCCC
    Direction of Sports Nutrition and Assistant Strength Coach, ISU Athletics
    Josh Kauten is one of the best when it comes to preparing high-level pitchers.  His wealth of knowledge, commitment to his athlete's growth and development, and his passion to this field separates him from most coaches.  Josh is a tremendous coach that uses sound training principles and progressions that are specific to each of his athletes needs.  He goes above and beyond, pays close attention to the details, and drives high level excellence out of this players. It is a breath of fresh air knowing what Josh does for his athletes.
  • Derek Johnson
    Pitching Coach, Milwaukee Brewers
    As former pitching coach for Vanderbilt, MiLB Pitching Coordinator for the Chicago Cubs and as current Pitching Coach for the Milwaukee Brewers...I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the best baseball players on the planet. After spending some time with Josh Kauten, I can tell you, unequivocally, that Josh, Chris and his team at K's Training Academy are leading the way in baseball training in Central Illinois. They continue to refine their processes through continued research and collaboration, but above all they care about their players as much as any organization I've encountered. If you're serious about reaching your max potential using the safest and most efficient methodologies, K's Academy is the spot for you.
  • Rohrk E. Cutchlow
    Executive Director of Athletic Performance, U of Missouri
    I had the opportunity to coach Josh for three years when he was a student-athlete at Illinois State University.  Our coach/athlete relationship evolved as Josh continued his career in as a professional baseball player.  Josh proved to be an outstanding leader who demands quality work and extraordinary effort from those around him, as well as from himself. Since the conclusion of his professional baseball career, I have been privileged to watch Josh grow in his work as a coach.  His attitude is second to none, his professional competency is elite, and his teaching ability is outstanding.  Because of his exceptional qualities, Josh is highly respected by my staff and me and I am sure this respect will follow him at K's Training Academy.
  • Marty Miller
    Former 30+ year MLB Scout for Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins
    I have known Josh Kauten since signing him to a contract with the Detroit Tigers where he had a strong professional career. Since his playing days Josh has applied the knowledge he acquired as a top student athlete at Illinois State along with the experience of a professional baseball player to now become an excellent Pitching and Strength Coach. He has worked with aspiring athletes as well as many just wanting to get more out of life. A quality family man he has shown to be not only a top instructor but also a man of highest integrity and character.
  • Steve Paxson
    Head Coach, University High School
    Josh Kauten and K's Academy uses the best and current information in terms of baseball arm care and strength and conditioning. They also have done a great job developing baseball skills in the off-season for many different players. They seek to support our program and understand the value of developing teams rather than just individuals. They are leading the way in baseball player development for the Bloomington-Normal baseball community.
  • Chris Hawkins
    Normal West, Head Coach
    K's Academy under the direction of Josh Kauten and his talented and skilled staff has risen as the top teaching academy for baseball in Bloomington-Normal. There is no indoor facility in central Illinois with more on the field experience than K's. Many of our Normal West Wildcat baseball players have worked on his craft under the tutelage of Josh and his staff.
  • Steve Clapp
    Head Coach, Bloomington HS
    When it comes to arm care and strength building, there is no one we trust more than Josh and K's Training Academy. They have done an excellent job with our guys.
  • Ryan Short
    Normal Community HS Head Coach
    I am very impressed by the strength and velocity gains made by our players who participated in K's Academy workouts and arm care program throughout the off-season. Guys who completed the program were especially prepared for the rigors of the high school season.


  • Chuck & Tracie Marcheschi
    Parents of LHP Luke Marcheschi, Central Catholic HS '14
    Our son started with Coach Kauten in the 6th grade. Luke is a small, lefty pitcher....Coach Kauten taught our son how to be a pitcher, not only mechanically but mentally. He made Luke in to a thinker, not just a thrower. We were one of Josh's first clients in Bloomington-Normal. Our son is now 20 years old and he is a pitcher with a scholarship at a D2 university. Coach Kauten provided guidance for our son, and for us as well. Our son was an undersized pitcher who played big, and Coach Kauten always made time for Luke. He cares about his players and he runs a very safe Arm/Velocity program, which was very important to us. We cannot say enough positive things about Coach Josh Kauten. Our son still goes to him for guidance. If your ball player wants to work hard, then K's Academy is the place for them. Thank You, Coach Kauten.

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